TVA Autumn Newsletter 2016

TVA Autumn 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to the TVA Autumn 2016 newsletter!

I often start off my newsletter pieces with some poetry relevant to the season by a poet I admire, and this time is no different – except that the poet in question is not a famous bard, but a lad called Dylan (bardishly enough) who took part in a project (led by musicians Matthew Jones and Mark Owens, and writer Matt Abbott) we ran earlier this year. His rap is about Mischief Night in South Bank –

When the squares in the suits all sit inside
and hide in front of crap TV,
and the coppers park at Asda,
swapping roles with teachers after 3.
They ask what we’re up to,
and the shoulders give a shrug.
They’re sat there, poised, prepared to pounce,
and I’ve done nothing wrong…
but I feel like a thug.

But it’s Mischief Night, and Boro’s buzzin’;
the number swells to a baker’s dozen,
the usual lads plus someone’s cousin.
Mam’s provide the missiles…


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