Evie’s Work Experience

I am a student at CCAD studying towards my degree in Fine Art and today I have been at work experience here at Tees Valley Arts. My day started off with me looking at the website and listing what I thought was both good and what could be improved. I listed that I thought that the website was great and that it is interesting to look at, there is plenty of information about the organisation and the images show the range of work that Tees Valley provide.

My next job was to go through the quotes that a range of people had said about TVA because I suggested that the testimonials page of the website was important and the quotes needed to be alongside the work of the projects. After looking through many quotes, I have a much wider view of just how much TVA helps the Tees Valley region through art.

Another skill that I have gained today from my work experience is editing on a website. I found this really useful because it is a skill that I will need as a way to display my work to a wider audience and get my practice started.

I have found my work experience today very helpful with my career aspirations, as it has given me a look into the type of work associated with arts management, and Tees Valley Arts have given me more knowledge and a better understanding of what arts management is all about.