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Racing Ahead

PMSA Record

Extract from the Public Monuments & Sculpture Association:

Three cast-iron, painted greyhounds gambolling along amongst the shoppers in a pedestrianised street. They are naturalistally modelled and life-size.

Explaining the intentions behind the sculpture, Reuben Kench, the chairman of the City Challenge Public Arts Panel, said that the relationship between the dogs is ‘one of playing and collaborative progress. It’s that spirit of moving ahead together that the artist wanted to portray in the sculpture.’ It was fabricated by Stockton Casting Co and cost of £30,000. At the time of its unveiling it was criticised for reinforcing Northern stereotypes. Stephen Smailes, a former Conservative mayor, declared, ‘We’ve turned the clock back 30 years to an Andy Capp image’. As a result it was decided not to site it on the High Street outside the Town Hall as initially planned. However, a survey undertaken sometime later by Cleveland Arts (no date) indicated that it gradually found favour with local residents. 17% of respondents could name it and 54% said they liked it.

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