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Captain Cook Birthplace Museum

To compliment the refurbishment scheme at the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum (Marton, Middlesbrough), Turner prize nominee, Simon Patterson has produced a series of mobiles based on kites. The kite mobiles are suspended from the ceiling and are fabricated out of polished stainless steel and clear perspex.

These kites are based on designs of the 19th Century Australian aeronautical pioneer, Lawrence Hargrave.

Simon Patterson, has taken some of Hargrave’s most famous designs and named them after seabirds such as the “Fluttering Shearwater” and “Cook’s Petrel”.

The artist’s idea came from observing the way seabirds follow in the wake of a ship. All these birds would have encountered by Cook and his crew on their voyages.

Simon has also designed a wall painting for the cafeteria at the Museum, (right).
The painting is based on a contemporary star map of the southern sky, setting out the stars and constellations etc, by which Captain Cook would have navigated during his voyage to Australia



Simon Patterson