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Head, Hand & Tool

Head, Hand and Tool by Grandjean (1983)

Inscribed with

Head, Hand and Tool. Lee Grandjean, 1983
This sculpture of a stonemason celebrates the three
essential elements in all creativity, whether in the
studio or in the factory. The face is that of a
fellow-sculptor, and the hand grips a mason’s chisel.
The work relates to tradition of stone-carving
which has flourished in Britain since the early Middle Ages.
Cleveland County Museum Service.

Head, Hand and Tool

PMSA Record

Extract from the Public Monuments & Sculpture Association:

A massive scowling head alongside a similarly massive hand holding a chisel.

Grandjean has said that the sculpture which cost approx £3,000 was inspired by the long tradition of English stone carving going back to the Middle Ages.

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