Tees Valley Arts is a Company Limited by Guarantee (Established in England & Wales, 5th August 1982; No. 1656560) and a Registered Charity (Registered in England & Wales, 22nd August 1984; No. 515369). As such it is governed by a Board of Trustees, which operates under a Memorandum and Articles of Association that is compliant with both Companies and Charities law.

Charitable Objects

To promote, develop, provide and maintain access to, and engagement in, arts and culture, for the public benefit and education of people in the Tees Valley, particularly those with fewest opportunities to participate in, and make progress through, such engagement.

Our Trustees

The Tees Valley Arts Board consists of members drawn from local authorities, cultural and business organisations. Read more about our trustees here.

Our Regulators

Companies House

Charities Commission

Articles of Association

Download (PDF, 202KB)


A full list of our public-facing policies can be read here.

Annual Accounts & Returns

As in accordance with both Companies and Charities law, Tees Valley Arts submits annual reports to both our regulators. The most recent return can be viewed here.


In 2016 the trustees of Tees Valley Arts began a root and branch reform of the charity beginning with these governing documents to bring them into compliance with the provisions of the Companies Act 2006 and ensure that Tees Valley Arts followed best practice for Good Governance as outlined by the Good Governance Code.