Deadland by Ryan Whitelock & Ryan Welsh

A visually rich retelling of local skateboard culture as showcased by budding filmmakers the two 22-year-old Ryans, both from the Hartlepool skate community, and filmed in towns across Teesside. This film explores a range of filming techniques to take the viewer along for the ride and is framed by some of the area’s best-known landmarks.

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Music Culture by Daniel D’Arcy

24-year-old Daniel has for many years been a mainstay of the music community in Hartlepool and now gets to work professionally in the industry that he loves. His film documents life in the local music scene, as recalled by this go to multi-talented musician and songwriter.

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Street Game By Max

This mini-film recounts 17-year-old Max’s love of football through footage he made as a young boy, playing football in the streets around his home in Teesside.

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Pasteque by Ryan Welsh

This fast-paced psychedelic skateboarding mini-film by 22-year-old Ryan gives us a view into the Hartlepool Skate community. Filmed in black and white, with this is a short film that packs a big punch.

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Farming by Molly Drew

Teesside is full of beautiful farming land. Molly who is 18 and from Guisborough is a college student working on a farm on the southern edge of Teesside. She hopes to one day become a vet as she loves working with animals. Molly wants to show people that farming can be a really great career for young people as well as old. Using beautiful shots of the scenery around Teesside, she welcomes you to life in the farming world.

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Shoreline by Anna Nappa

21-year-old spoken word artist Anna takes us on a lyrical journey along Hartlepool’s eclectic coast, her own prose setting the scene. Using her own footage of Hartlepool’s historic Headland, and other areas of the town, she talks of the juxtaposition of the brash and the beautiful that this North East coastal town has to offer.

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Middlesbrough by Jared Boyle

Jared explores Middlesbrough through the eyes of student life; pubs, clubs, hangouts and parks collectively make the feeling of Teesside. With a vlog inspired style of shooting, Jared heads out into the town, giving the audience a taste of his surroundings. These moments are intercut with music fuelled montages of tone, place and feeling. 20-year-old Jared wanted to find out what made Middlesbrough feel like Middlesbrough; what makes it unique and where its defining locales are. Explore the pockets of Middlesbrough that make it home to this generation.

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South Park by Jake Blakely-Fisher

This film is made by 18-year-old London born Jake Blakeley-Fisher, who moved to Darlington around 10 years ago and wanted to make work about something he feels is one of Darlingtons best attractions; South Park. Jake enjoys the peace and quiet around the park and the abundance of natural beauty which is also a good place for him to practice his newly found love of photography.

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Roseberry by Harry Twohig

Teesside is a beautiful place. Harry’s prose piece is about the high pace of life on Teesside and how there are plenty of beautiful places to go to, to escape the hustle and bustle of life. 18-year-old Harry takes us on a trip up Roseberry Topping and away from the everyday.

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#brilliantlyboro #creativefactory takeover!

Join us from 10am today for our week-long take-over of the #brilliantlyboro #creativefactory space in the Hill Street Centre, Middlesbrough, where we will be working from for the next week. So if you’re in Boro and fancy popping along and meeting with us, then we look forward to seeing you.

What’s Going On

There will be a number of things happening every day – from the screening of our curated Life films, as part of Real Tees Valley, to our exploration of your memories of public art across Teesside to a reflection on the books we have published over the years – we’ll also be announcing each morning a series of special guests who’ll be joining us that day. So keep your eyes peeled for more information…

Real Tees Valley Films

If you enjoyed the of our Real Tees Valley Films then you’ll be excited to know that the #brilliantlyboro space will be the Middlesbrough stop of our Real Tees Valley Film Trail and you’ll be able to see our five films curated on the theme of LIfe.

Public Art

From our foundation in 1983 until the late 2000s Cleveland and the Tees Valley Arts was one of the largest commissioners of public art in the country, yet we only have a photographic record of those commissions.

So we’ve printed those photographs and brought them to the space so that we can hear your stories and memories of these pieces of public art, some of which are no longer in place.


Over the past thirty years, we have published many pamphlets, books, anthologies and other publications to document our work. Many of these works feature the writing of the people we were collaborating with.

Did you participate in one of these projects? Did your work get published?

If so we’d like to hear your story and if you’d like a copy of the work you contributed towards, we have a number of surplus copies that we’ll be happy to give you.

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