Cleveland Arts is running a new programme of activities, called Articulate, funded by the Health Action Zone Innovations Fund and the Northern Rock Foundation. The programme will develop arts projects inspired by, involving and relating to disabled people. Arts activities of all kinds, from dance to film to drama to music to anything you can think of can be included, to raise the profile of disabled people throughout Teesside.

Rowena Sommerville of Cleveland Arts said:

“One project that we are currently running is called Writing/Home, which will consist of a series of workshops led by local writers, around themes and experiences of homelessness; being uprooted from your home; not feeling ‘at home’ in your own home, etc. We hope to work with people who have been homeless, people who have experienced domestic violence, people who have had to flee their homes and/or home countries, and disabled people who are forced to live in circumstances they would not ideally choose.”

Cleveland arts will produce an anthology of the best writing, which will be published later in the year.