Baring backs Cleveland Arts

The Baring Foundation, one of Britain’s major grant-giving trusts, has awarded Cleveland Arts £75,000 spread over three years. The money is to be used to support the organisation’s core functions, as opposed to being directed towards specific projects.

The Baring Foundation invites organisations to apply for a core grant: the scheme is not open to general application. Three to five grants are awarded each year to arts organisations working in educational and community contexts.

Mike Hill, Director of Cleveland Arts, said:

“We are delighted and honoured by the award. Cleveland Arts is only the second organisation in the Northern region to have been given one of these grants. Simply being invited to apply, as one of just eight bodies across the whole of Britain, was welcome recognition of the value of what we do. It shows that our programmes of Literature Development, Education, Social Inclusion, and Commissions for Public Art bear comparison with anywhere in the country. We convinced the Foundation of the dynamism, professionalism and sheer commitment that runs through the organisation.

“The award itself will be a huge bonus. Cleveland Arts is well-supported by Northern Arts and local Councils, but even with that funding we do not receive sufficient to support our core functions. We have to raise more funds to keep the organisation solvent, as well as for individual projects. Our aim is to strengthen the heart of Cleveland Arts, so that it can give maximum support to the people who see those projects through. This grant will be used creatively for this purpose.

“Already, we have had one further success: by using a proportion of this year’s grant as match-funding, we have been awarded an Arts Lottery grant for much-needed capital equipment, and for a major programme of education activities, which Tees Valley schools are now bidding to take part in. The arts are always meant to be creative, but one of the things I have learned over the years is the need to be imaginative with money, to maximise scarce resources.”

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