In:volve Social Enterprise Development

Each In:volve Project Co-ordinator is working to include participants in the development process, to build self-esteem and confidence and to identify skills needed. Each of the groups is progressing at different rates, depending upon the make up of the group, the degree of social exclusion they experience and to some extent on the art form adopted. Five of the projects have established groups already, although only two of them are formally constituted.

You Are Here, is addressing the problem of a very mobile and fluctuating community of users. Refugees and people seeking asylum, are likely to move or be moved on, and the setting up of a very flexible and fluid structure that people could move in and out of easily, and without disrupting activities too much is vital. Projects with Young People is still in a very early stage of development, with a number of potentially powerful projects with young people, being supported in the hope that one or two of them will grow wings.