Art:works Projects Update

This spring, three schools will work with Amy Seirnsides of Dance Action on a project that encourages creative exercise and team building through contemporary dance workshops. Beechgrove and Cromwell Road Primary schools will also have the opportunity to meet and work with children from their future secondary school Gillbrook Technical College.

In Stockton pupils from Crooksbarn Primary will be exploring the sounds of the didjeridu with musician Kev Howard and developing their work into a performance for parents in May.

Two more Art:works projects are due to start in June, an animation project exploring “Eastern European Grotesque” is set to take place at Gillbrook Technical College and “The Works” is a poetry project set to take place in ten primary schools across the Tees Valley, children will be invited to make comparisons between post-World War Two Thornaby and their environment today.

Peter is office co-ordinator at Tees Valley Arts. He has worked for over a decade as a freelance small business consultant @nealandco. You can follow him personally @pneal.