tva announces evolve programme

Tees Valley Arts is delighted to announce that it has been granted a substantial sum of money from the Tees Valley Partnership, to run the evolve programme. evolve will be a two-year programme of activities, beginning in September of this year, bringing together a comprehensive package of exciting and inspiring activities for young people, teachers, students learning to be teachers, and professional artists across the Tees Valley.

The activities will be focussed around learning in science, but using new and creative approaches.

Janette Pratt, Tees Valley Arts’ Education Programme Manager commented “We know that some pupils soak up science like sponges soak up water, but, equally, some don’t! And we know that even the most able students can benefit from new and enjoyable ways of learning, and that even the most able teachers can benefit from new ways of teaching”.

Schools will be working with artists to explore particular aspects of the science curriculum – from obvious pairings like working with a photographer to discover the properties of light, to less expected ones like working with a dancer to understand anatomy, to the downright challenging like working with a poet to write science texts about molecular theory…..

The evolve programme will begin with a day for teachers at Arc, Stockton, on Thursday October 6th, taking part in creative workshops and learning more about the project as a whole.

TVA is a participatory arts organisation, based in Middlesbrough and working across the Tees Valley, helping people change and improve their lives by taking part in the arts. TVA is a small organisation which makes a big impact in imaginative and unexpected ways.