Christmas at Gallery TS1

Last chance to buy Christmas cards and gifts from Gallery TS1

Gallery TS1 has re-opened again in the heart of Middlesbrough and aims to build on the success of its last two years of operation by offering consistently high quality products for purchase. Framed regional photographs; Fresh flowers and floral design alongside soft furnishings and curios for Christmas are being created over the current Gallery term.

Brought to Middlesbrough by Cultural Services from a Birmingham initiative that was based on an original idea from Chicago, the Middlesbrough Site is now seen as an integral part of the town’s training and retail activity. Unemployed young people create high quality, sellable products under the guidance of professional artists and the delivery team from Twister Arts.

Gallery TS1 is managed by Tees Valley Arts. Director, Rosi Lister says of the project

“Over 80 young people have benefited from Gallery TS1 Programmes in 2005/06. Activities have included jewellery making, floristry, digital arts, felt making, craft work, fine art and photography. Over 400 commissions have been received and annual income targets were exceeded within one month of operation. Over 90% of those NEET young people engaged by Gallery TS1 have now gone on to further education employment or training.”

Juliet Farrar, Cultural Services Manager for Middlesbrough Council, said

“The huge success of GTS1 is testimony to the talents of young people in Middlesbrough. All too often we hear negative feedback about people under 25 in the centre of town, so it’s a great opportunity to recognise positive contributions to Middlesbrough’s cultural life. The work produced at GTS1 represents real achievement and at the same time gives people the opportunity to own a unique and affordable creation whilst supporting an important project.”

The project operates at 57 Corporation Road, Middlesbrough, Tuesday to Saturday and the current term goes on until November 11th. It will reopen on Tuesday, December 12th for the run up to Christmas. Free coffee and the invitation to browse, see the artists at work or commission your own piece of art are all on offer!

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