Best Dresses

a new tees valley arts project in Redcar

This project is for women who have had problems with drugs or alcohol, who will work with three women artists – a writer, a textile artist and a digital artist – to look at clothes and fabrics and styles.

What’s a best dress? What’s a nightmare nightie? What do you wear in your dreams? How do you survive a bad hair day?

There can’t be a woman alive who doesn’t struggle with some of this at some point in her life, and women who have experienced drug or alcohol problems often have very little self confidence and don’t have a positive view of themselves.

During the project the women will try weaving, printing, collage, drawing, writing and photography and will end up with scrapbooks full of work of different sorts and, we hope, a vision of themselves in their best dresses!

More Information

Download (PDF, 73KB)