Gallery TS1 at The Journal Culture Awards

Gallery TS1 works with young people, either not in education, training or employment, or involved with the youth justice system, or in some other way vulnerably situated in life, to support their progression into and re-engagement with mainstream training/ educational provision, based on an E2E model.

It is a pioneering creative apprenticeship scheme for young people not in education, employment or training. Modelled on a programme developed in Chicago, and brought to Tees Valley by Middlesbrough Council’s Cultural Services, delivered in partnership with them by Tees Valley Arts. The young people work with artists in a shop premises in Corporation Road, Middlesbrough, to design, make, package and sell original goods to the public.

Approximately 200 hundred young people, nearly all in vulnerable or fragile life situations, have designed things, made things, sold things, have grown personally in attitude and maturity, and over 90% of them have progressed into or returned to mainstream provision. More recent Galleries have also seen 50 young people achieve the Arts Award Bronze level. Skills developed include arts based activities, packaging and presentation, and dealing with the public, as well as turning up on time and behaving appropriately. The participants’ feedback has been uniformly excellent.

100% of those interviewed said that Gallery TS1 is the best training scheme they have experienced

Gallery TS1 is funded by Middlesbrough Council through the Neighbourhood Renewal Scheme funding and works in partnership with Middlesbrough Cultural Services; Middlesbrough Youth Services; Connexions; Adolescent Psychiatric Services; Youth Justice; SECOS; other training providers.