The stART Project is a visual arts project for young people aged between 16 and 19.

stART involves

  • Learning new creative skills
  • Working with professional artists and photographers
  • Going on visits
  • Keeping a diary
  • Doing a Bronze Arts Award
  • Having fun in a relaxed environment

Activities include

  • Drawing
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture
  • Collage
  • Lots of other art stuff!

No previous experience of art is needed, just an open mind!
The course lasts for 8 weeks and takes place on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. 10 til 2.30.

The course does not affect benefits with the exception of New Deal.

The course takes place at The Open Art Space at Tees Valley Arts, Melrose House, Central Middlesbrough.

What people have said about the course;

“It’s a course that helps you to get on another course and gain more qualifications.”

“I loved it, it was fun and interesting.”

“I didn’t expect to do half the things on the project. It was class.”

“I liked the fact that it was a very relaxed environment.”

“I wasn’t sure in the beginning what to expect but I thought the course was very educational but fun at the same time, you never felt like you were learning.”

“I have enjoyed it and Tees Valley Arts is great. The staff are very fun and helpful to be with. Thanks guys!”

“I thought the start project was better than college because you could have a fag break, listen to music and chill out whilst working.

StART is really useful for many reasons other than just art and creativity; it is good for your life! This is what some people have said about how stART has made a difference to their lives;

“I have more confidence to explore new skills. I have also improved my existing art skills.”

“I learnt to develop patience.”

(I have) “more mental stability throughout the duration than without the course.”

“I feel a bit more comfortable around people.”

“It gives you better communication skills that you can carry on in life.”

“Gives you something to do for 3 days a week that will be fun but better for you.”

“It seems to have made me focus on what I want to do.”

“Helps give you an idea of what career you would like to go into.”