TVA Trustee Exhibits in New York

Eyv Saunders Exhibits at the British Consulate

Tees Valley Arts trustee Eyv Hardwick (nee Saunders) exhibited earlier this year with the British Council at the British Consulate in New York, the .gov website described the exhibition as,

27 multi-media works inspired by both New York City and the UK. It features 14 of the UK’s most celebrated contemporary artists, including Conrad Atkinson, Glen Baxter, Austin Cooper, Tracey Emin, Clare Goddard, Frederick Herrick, Damien Hirst, David Hockney, John Kindness, Eyv Saunders, Horace Taylor, Mark Titchner, Joe Tilson, and Mark Wallinger.

Eyv Saunders, TVA Trustee
Eyv Saunders, Floral Check Shopper Bag and Flower Arrangement Handy Bag (1999)


Exhibition Guide

Take a look at her position in the brochure below, sandwiched on page sixteen between Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin…

Download (PDF, 969KB)