Being part of Thorntree Roses

Thorntree Roses participant Emma Watson tells us about her involvement in the group and how she’s enjoying the sessions.

“OK, so early this year I was asked to join a group, ran in my local school called ‘Thorntree Roses’ and today I’ve been asked to write a blog about it!… so here goes!…

“When I went to first ever taster sessions it was with the lovely ladies from the Bobbin Shed and although I enjoyed the morning I went home thinking I wouldn’t go back, simply because they were all older women who had experience in the activities we where doing and they all seemed to know each other pretty well from outside.

“Looking back I’m glad I persevered and fought through my anxiety because I realised I would miss this crazy bunch if I never saw them any more!

“Being pregnant when I joined Thorntree Roses and just coming out of work it was a great way for me to get out the house and have some me time as well as doing something I enjoyed. The women where really supportive, it was like sitting with a room full of aunties!!

“After having Rosie I was worried incase I was no longer able to attend the group but one I walked into the room with her it was made obvious she was just as part of the group as I was!

“Anyways, more about the group. We get to meet some of the most fascinating and creative people I have ever known, we get to play with glue and go for random trips to the Transporter Bridge (just because!)

“A lot of people looking in from the outside wouldn’t totally understand what Thorntree Roses are about but we are a bunch of woman from all backgrounds and all ages that have managed to find something in common and enjoy getting together having a cuppa and a giggle while letting our creativity flow, and actually surprising to us all end up making some pretty great stuff.

“Every week we embark on something different and at 9:30 am we all say the same thing “WE CAN’T DO THAT” but come 11:30 am we all sit proud of ourselves and big each other up on how well each one has done.

“The wonderful people that give us their time to teach us their crafts are really amazing, and they always have fascinating stories to tell or great tips on how to get the best out of what activity your doing whether it be textile, glass making, photography or creative writing! I think photography has been one of my favourite subjects (so far) although I could not compose a top 5 list because every session has been as brilliant and the one before!

“I would recommend anyone to come and become a rose bud and blossom in confidence and learn new skills that you can use for the rest of your life. I was surprised at what I could do.

“Thank you Miki from Tees Valley Arts for bringing this to our area and introducing me to some wonderful people who I will never forget. x”

Thorntree Roses runs every Tuesday morning at the Thorntree Hub, is free and is open to any women living on the Thorntree Estate, funded by HealthImprove from the The People’s Health Trust.