Too much Tea?

So I’ve taken over responsibility for ordering the refreshments from Miki, our former Queen of Refreshments, who is now only with us for 1/2 a day a week. 

So it’s the second week back and everyone’s mind is on the same thing – what else other than Yorkshire Tea, and did we have enough to keep us going  through the dark evenings ahead…

Not having a car I rely on the Internet for orders (particularly as I’m running late for the train most mornings and don’t have time to pop into Sainsburys) so I went to google and found this:


It seemed like all of our prayers could be answered and it’d be here the next day (we could even subscribe to ensure we always had Yorkshire Tea!).

Suffice to say I didn’t read the weight (see above) or really think about how many tea bags 1200 were, so I was a tad surprised when it arrived!

So do you think you can ever have too much Yorkshire Tea?!