Warm Welcome

I’m Victoria (all shortened variations acceptable) I’m a recent graduate of Teesside University, where I obtained a Bachelor of the Arts Honours in History. Last week I stepped into the working world for the first time (!) when I joined Tees Valley Arts as part of a Graduate intern scheme.

It’s only been a week but I have already learnt things I never thought I would. For example I now know far more about company regulations, health and safety etc than I ever thought I would. In the last five days I have done everything from research, to social media regulation and even dealt with a task pertaining to accounting. Anyone who knows me will know that is virtually a miracle – Considering I swore off maths five years ago! Due to being quite frankly horrendous at it.

I have also learnt things outside the realm of office life. The most important being that: a working environment is not at all the strict scary place I expected it to be. Everyone at Tees Valley Arts has been incredibly warm and welcoming. An office is not only a place of work, it’s all about balance, and it is also a place of smiles, laughter and socialisation.

Here’s to the learning curve that the next three months will bring!