Our Alumni in 2015

Artists we’ve worked with

Bub Bacon, Andy Berriman, Niel Bushnell, Adam Bligh, Ree Collins, Maurice Dezou, Helena Fox, Nicola Golightly, Vicky Holbrough, Kev Howard, Mark Jobe, John Kirkbride, Adrian Moule, Ian Paine, Jane Riley, Miki Rogers, Rowena Sommerville, Shirley Wells, Austin Weeden, The Tea Ladies.


Cllr Geraldine Purvis

19 Aug 2011 to 2 Oct 2015

David Jeffrey

3Jul 2012 to 2 Sept 2015

Cllr Ken Dixon

19 Aug 2011 to 17 Jun 2015

Geraldine was the last official representative from Middlesbrough Borough Council and during her period on the board of trustees was instrumental in founding the Thorntree Roses.

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The last council representative from Stockton whilst he was Cabinet Member for Arts and Culture. He resigned following his re-election in May 2015 and promotion to deputy leader of Stockton Borough Council.

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Tracey Reeve, Izzy Neish, Ebenezer Ajibade, Grace Kirk.