Our Alumni in 2016

Artists we’ve worked with

Jane Riley, Becky Sunter, Helen Pickard, Shirley Wells, Andy Broderick, Emily Hesse, James Beighton, Maurice Dezou, Bub Bacon, Shirley Wells, Adrian Moule, Vicky Holbrough, Sara Dennis, Matt Abbott, Matthew Jones, Mark Owens, Michael Edwards, Robin Webb, Gabriel Mulangu, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Kev Howard, Laura Degnan, Miki Rogers, Geraldine Pattinson, Ree Collins, John Kirkbride, Niel Bushnell, Adam Bligh, Nicola Golightly, Phil Douglas.


Cllr Josh Mason

10 Aug 2015 to 7 Dec 2016

Eyv Hardwick

13 Jun 2012 to 7 Dec 2016

Josh is a local Liberal Democrat councillor for the Zetland Ward in Redcar & Cleveland and, whilst serving, was the Leader of the Opposition. He served in a private capacity.

Eyv served on the board as a representative of Cleveland College of Art and Design

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James Beighton, Vanessa Brigham, Dawn Chapman, Neil Grainger, John Kirkbride, Tracy Lloyd, Adrian Moule, Martin Sharpe, Sue Sharpe, Mike Sreenan, Alice Maenami, Hannah Winslip, Nurian Omar.