Our Alumni in 2018

Artists we’ve worked with

Abbie Lince, Adam Bouadba, Adam Watson, Alisha, Amar Haskal, Andi Grainger, Andy Harrison, Anna Nappa, Beccy Owen, Britta Koerber, Bub Bacon, Carl Joyce, Charlea B, Chris Healy, Chris Rutherford, Daniel D’Arcy, David Tuffnell, Dean, Elizabeth Homan.


Tony Campbell

10 Jun 2002 to 5 Dec 2018

Doff Pollard

26 Sept 2012 to 7 Sept 2018

Richard Anderson

1 Mar 2010 to 7 Mar 2018

Managing Director, Creative Glass

Retired Chief Officer, Tees Valley Rural Communities Council

Richard is Group Legal and Compliance Director, Marston Holdings

Tony was a former chair of the board and represented the interests of creative businesses in the Tees Valley.


Praneeta Khosla, Morgan Quinn, Megan Leigh Robinson, Grace Flemming.