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Partner Organisations

“TVA is the only community-based arts organisation in the Tees Valley that consistently delivers quality programmes in the sub-region for the refugee and BME communities. Without TVA’s commitment to and knowledge of refugee issues, the Tees Valley would be a lot less of a diverse and vibrant community, and a less favourable place for our new and emerging communities to settle within.”
Pete Widlinski, North of England Refugee Service

“TVA have a strong track record of developing innovative projects which target the most vulnerable of young people and achieve positive outcomes for participants.”
Wendy Kelly Strategic Myplace and External Funding Manager, Middlesbrough Council

“Barnardo’s SECOS have worked in partnership with TVA on a number of initiatives and I find them as an organisation to be creative, trustworthy and professional.”
Wendy Shepherd, Barnardo’s SECOS

“Green TV has been an extremely positive experience. It has allowed us to experiment with completely new ways of interpreting the natural environment and to work outside our usual professional box. We are now not just thinking and talking about new ways of doing things, but actually seeing them happen. The excitement that this has generated in the organisation means that our people are learning about heritage, heritage interpretation, public engagement, new ways of working and partnership working without even considering this as training.”
Jeremy Garside, Chief Executive, Tees Valley Wildlife Trust

“It is always marvellous when an outside organisation comes into school and works with us. Expert knowledge from the sciences, humanities and the arts come together in the one project. Green TV provided a fantastic opportunity to highlight how we are responding to the changes in our National Curriculum. It ticked all the boxes – collaboration between subjects, fostering creativity, critical awareness, the need to provide compelling learning experiences and to capitalise on local opportunities.” Teacher, Macmillan Academy

“Being part of TVA’s Green TV project has widened the horizons of the Field Centre, increased the skills and knowledge of the staff and brought considerable satisfaction in achieving a number of new targets. It has been an ‘eye opener’ as to how pupil’s attitudes can be positively changed by the use of the arts, the CPD sessions have been interesting and worthwhile, and the contact with the other partners in the project has been most useful.”
Ann Oxley, Chair, Teesmouth Field Centre Management Committee

Specific Projects


“The support provided by you and your staff is clearly appreciated by the young people participating in the project. I was particularly impressed with the enthusiasm expressed by the two young people that I met who enjoyed their time on the project and were now intent on participating in education, employment and training.”
Tony Noonan Her Majesty’s Inspector Survey Lead Inspector

Quotes from young people

“It’s helped me get into the right frame of mind to do a college course. There’s no way I would have gone to college before stART.”

“The stART Project is the first thing I’ve stuck to. It’s shown me that I can achieve something. Before I wouldn’t have gone to a job interview and now I definitely will.”

“Being in the house and not doing anything for six months meant that I couldn’t go out and find a job because I didn’t have the confidence. stART has given me confidence especially with meeting people, going out and looking for work. I feel more motivated.”

Quotes from educators

“I am really pleased with this project, it by far exceeded my expectations and it was very rewarding to see how much every child achieved.”
Teacher, St Benedict’s Primary RC School, Redcar