Leaving the 20th Century

Leaving the 20th Century was an exciting millennium project involving five artists and thirty-six Teeside schools. The aim of the project was to celebrate the millennium by creating permanent works of art that marked the unique moment in history. As one century ended and another began the project gave schools the chance to reflect on the achievements and disappointments of the twentieth century. They looked at the changes that have occurred in their communities, environment and in society as a whole or at their own personal histories. They could record what it was like to live in this particular place at that precise moment in time. Or, they could look forward to the twenty-first century and to the new millennium and express their hopes and fears for the future.

Each of the five artists, who worked in a range of different art forms, were involved with a different group of schools. The artists gave talks, demonstrations and workshops to inspire the creative ideas of teachers and pupils and to pass on their skills and knowledge of the materials.


Allan Francis


Sue Dear


Graeme Hopper


Carole Baker