Own Life

As a part of the Articulate programme, The Own Life project sought to influence the practice of agencies who work with people with a learning disability, both statutory and voluntary using various art forms including:

  • Five people selected from Changing Tide to take part in a dance project which focused on developing a piece of contemporary dance which would be toured locally.
  • Some participants from Making Connections and Get a Life are part of the Roaring Mouse Drama Group, which seeks to become independent of Social Services and has already performed at local events focusing on services for people with learning difficulties. They worked with a drama worker and a musician to produce a piece of theatre which was performed both locally and at the Festival of the Senses in Malta in 2003. Roaring Mouse served as a model for other groups in the area who wish to take steps towards exploring and illustrating their reality and their dreams.
  • A class of drama students from Stockton-Billingham Tech used theatre to highlight the issues around transition from school or college to an often limited range of employment or training opportunities


A group of people are taunting David because he has Downes Syndrome but are forced to reconsider when he retaliates.

Many people complain that their doctor is being too busy to listen. Even more likely if the patient has learning difficulties and the doctor can’t or won’t take the time to understand.



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