Arts & Cultural Activities

Over the past three years The Education Programme at tees valley arts has been working with schools throughout the Tees Valley to deliver a range of exciting and challenging arts and cultural activities ~ the art:works programme. From contemporary dance and improvisational drama to giant willow sculpture and didgeridoo, children and staff across the region have learnt new skills, developed confidence and had excellent and enjoyable cultural opportunities to work alongside professional artists.

The Education Programme is now in the process of creating the art:works programme for the autumn, spring and summer terms. If you would like to take part in this, hosting a professional artist to work with your children and staff, then please contact The Education Programme at tees valley arts and we will come and discuss the work that you would like to develop in your school.

Below is an outline programme of the work that tees valley arts can deliver during autumn, spring and summer 2005/6. Don’t worry if the artform you want to develop in your school isn’t mentioned – tees valley arts works with a wide range of professional freelance artists from across the North, and The Education Programme will try it’s very best to find the right artist for your school and your needs. All courses are based around a set model of ten, one-and-a-half hour sessions during a term, but can be altered to fit with individual school needs.

Visual, Literary & Performing Arts

Tees Valley Arts runs courses in the performing arts covering dance, drama, performance poetry, music and combined arts. A standard course consists of ten workshops (one to three hours each), over a full term, and culminates in the opportunity for all participating schools to showcase their work in a shared public performance event at the end of the course. tees valley arts also delivers a wide range of weekly visual and literary arts courses (sessions typically one to three hours long). Art:works projects can be designed to support schools with curricular provision, artsmark awards, extended schools and cross curricular activities etc.

Activities require varying group sizes from small groups of ten to large groups of thirty. It is essential to adhere to these group sizes for a successful project. The Education Programme at tees valley arts will discuss group sizes with the school with a number of options to maximise the impact of the project whilst keeping group sizes at the optimum level. Possibilities include splitting classes into smaller groups and holding the project as an after school activity.

All ten week courses cost approximately £1,467

All five week courses cost approximately £942

Some activities may require material costs that will need to be added to the budget for example there may be production costs for a booklet or a CD recording. These costs will vary depending upon the activity and the projects output, all of this will be discussed and arranged at the projects inception.

INSET training is another possibility that may be added into the project, this is a professional development opportunity for participants to discover new creative, artistic and cultural skills that can be embedded within their own lessons and teaching. The workshop will serve to raise participants’ aspirations and challenge their preconceptions about the scope and diversity of the arts.



Everything from contemporary and creative dance through hip-hop and pop-steps to banghra and capoeira. tees valley arts has a wide range of experienced professional dancers able to deliver work in your school with children and staff.


Improvisation, performance skills, confidence building, forum theatre. If you want to develop drama and theatre in your school then tees valley arts can provide the artists to support your children and staff through the process, teaching new skills and techniques whilst producing a piece for performance.


Using creative writing, short stories, documentary and poetry to develop new skills and approaches to children’s writing.


Creating large-scale textile art using felt-making, dyeing, batik, embroidery, quilting, painting and appliqué. This course will introduce children and staff to a wide range of artistic skills and techniques.


Writing and performing poetry, looking at creative writing, poetry styles, performance skills and off-the-wall poetry slams.


The creation of large-scale withy sculpture, either for indoors or outdoors, using willow, tissue and fabric. End products can include monster sculptures, giant lanterns and animated puppets. Perfect for spicing up your local lantern parade!


Workshops in a wide range of genres developing exiting pieces for performance, courses can also be designed to explore composition, recording, improvisation, technique etc . Courses include African djembe, steel drumming, environmental percussion, didgeridoo, music technology, samba, rock and pop, urban music and more.


Animation is an activity that brings together the arts of storytelling, music, drawing, modelling, movement and performance, with new audio visual technology. During this course you will be introduced to some of the techniques and methods of animation through practical activity.


tees valley arts can develop a range of carnival arts in your school including costume building, music and dance. Ideally carnival arts courses will culminate in the school performing at an existing outdoor event. If you want to have an excellent opportunity to develop a whole range of carnival arts skills and there’s a local event (procession, lantern parade etc) you want to brighten up with a riot of colour and noise then call The Education Programme at tees valley arts and we’ll discuss bringing carnival culture to your corner of the Tees Valley.



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