Layfield Primary School

Children and Families from Layfield Primary School have spent the last eight months in a burst of creative activity, designing, fabricating and installing large-scale textile and ceramic artworks. Layfield Primary School head teacher: Hazel Ducker and art project co-ordinator Sarah Duffy worked with Tees Valley Arts to design a project which would encourage families to work together with pupils to create permanent artwork that would brighten up dull and uninspiring corridors and eating areas.

Layfield Primary Mosaic

Families worked alongside a sculptor and ceramicist to create a huge Mosaic depicting a number of local scenes; architecture and historical buildings such as the Vinegar Factory are a strong feature, The river Tees weaves in and out with an array of wildlife and Yarm fair is represented with a colourful Ferris Wheel and a traditional bow top caravan. The fantastic viaduct stretches across the entire vista with each arch framing a different scene. The mosaic is centred around an oak tree representing the school with images of children and hand made tiles with children’s names inscribed.

The Artists

Layfield Primary Textiles

Families and children worked with a textiles artist to create a range of eye catching and colourful felt banners. The banners have a number of themes such as healthy eating, nature and creatures and one banner illustrates the school aims and values, which are symbolised with 3D felt pieces. The felt banners add a splash of colour and fun to the walls which will brighten up the learning environment for pupils in the present and future.