Word Explosion

Saturday morning workshops for young writers aged 8-16 years. These provide for budding writers a fun weekend activity which makes creative expression and imaginative word-play a normal part of life.

As well as providing a valuable meeting place for young writers to share and test out ideas, work-in-progress, it’s also an ideal way to cultivate writing habits and learn techniques, hone observational skills and stretch the imagination.

The sessions are tutored by local poets, novelists and short story writers who are well experienced in running workshops with writers of all ages.

Examples of Work


I lost my little Bethne
It’s somewhere in the trash
Her stuffing is old and decomposing
And has turned to mash.

I can’t find Bethne anywhere
It’s somewhere in my room.
And I hope I will find it
Maybe before Noon.

I will get you another Teddy
No Mam, No!
I want Bethne I don’t want Po

Bethne’s gone now
And I’m really sad
And I’m not exactly Glad

Chantal Taylor


I did have a favourite toy,
I did you know I did

It had one eye, and half an ear
And a slightly musty smell

I’d hold it close to my heart,
When I was depressed.

I sometimes thought it understood me
But I’m now not that sure.

It’s gone now,
But it’s time to let it go.

Gone, gone, gone for eternity,
Never coming back

Hannah Norton

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