Young Writer’s Weekend

Fifteen writers from sixth form colleges across Teesside were thrown into the deep end of an intensive creative writing course over the weekend of 3rd, 4th and 5th of April 1998.

The course, funded by Middlesbrough Rotary Club was held at The George Hotel at Teesside International Airport.

Examples of Work


The concrete jungle heaves with disappointment. Amidst the untanglable barbed wire lies a caged city. Within a mesh of iron screams the lives of trapped Londoners – cold and immune to the tortured cries. Too strong to give way, too hard to succumb, too bound to flee. Decaying slowly, a flexible city contaminated with rust and junk. A malignant disease that spreadswith a vengence.

Old Father Thames weeps but is never heard. Brother Ben stands marking territories of time.

The biting air has whipped them so hard they no longer feel the sting of another London day.

Anita Banerjee


You touch me lightly, tantalising but free

Learning my rhythm, feeling my beat

As erotic fantasies burn, finally I feel

Chains of tongues not meant to heal

At last the warmth, the gentle caress

The longing which ignites through my dress.

When I return he is now with another

Feeding her the same he’s fed all his lovers

For him, I am just one more kiss

Kisses so easily replaced on those lips.

He will remain the one for me

Till the long days become eternity

For no other has satisfied my lust

So tender, yet passionately robust

Not rough or sharp or wet

So unimaginably perfect, before we met.

Andy, how many women have you had?

What makes this fire inside me go mad?

How much you’ve hurt me you’ll never know

but from this experience I shall surely grow

Anita Banerjee

The Funders