Eager Beavers

The aim of the Eager Beaver project was to raise awareness of and disseminate important messages of key environmental issues to young families in creative and engaging ways.

Through a programme of visual arts and dance/performing arts run at SureStart centres, participants (aged between 2 and 8) learnt about their natural environment (both urban and rural) and the diverse range of wildlife that is found there. Information on energy saving schemes in the home and recycling were passed on to parents.

Participants have a greater awareness of what wildlife can be found in their local area, why it is important and how to protect it. Creative art forms were used, and participants created their own minibeast maquette and collective and individual collages. Social awareness and interaction and exercise will have also been improved for toddlers through dance/performing arts. Parents collected energy saving light bulbs, energy saving information and composting bags.

The funding for this project came from the eaga Community Foundation. The partners for the project were SureStart, Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, Middlesbrough Environment City, and Middlesbrough Council Waste Awareness.


The Funders

Borough Council Funders and Arts Council England