1:3 was a project facilitated by TVA in co-operation with CIRA, University of Teesside. The idea behind 1:3 is to give young people an opportunity to express themselves and their views about their community in the Tees Valley. The project is called 1:3 because this is the ratio of young people to adults in the Tees Valley area.

Teesonline is a European Regional Development Fund funded project that provides support in using Information Communication Technologies for capacity building in the voluntary and community sector of the Tees Valley. Teesonline is co-ordinated by The Community Informatics Research and Applications Unit (CIRA) at the University of Teesside.

Film-maker Paul McKenna, Digital artist Rachel Clarke, Digital music producer Andy McCall-Smith and artist Kerry Flear have been working with youth groups in the Headland Hartlepool, Eastbourne, Darlington, the Cornerhouse Youth Project in Stockton and South Bank Women’s Centre to explore different perspectives of life in the Tees Valley for young people.

The work completed can be viewed at www.teesonline.org.uk/one_in_three