Phoenix Arts

Drawing, Painting, Textiles, Printing, Felt-making, Graphic design, Digital arts, Video Installation, Performance art

Phoenix Arts is a group of people who meet weekly in Stockton to promote well-being through creative activity. Phoenix Arts offers a variety of creative activities in an informal setting, where members of the group can decide whether to join in with a set course led by a professional artist, or work individually under the guidance of the resident artist/co-ordinator.

In the past Phoenix Arts have worked with a number of different artists and produced posters, poems, paintings and textiles which have been publicly displayed and have contributed to raising awareness about health and well-being.

Members are also encouraged to get involved in the development and management of the group, initially by taking part in regular feedback sessions that help to determine future projects, and when they are ready by joining the Steering Group.

The Steering Group which also includes representatives from cultural, social and health organisations, works closely with the members and the Project Co-ordinator to promote the group’s aims. The group are working towards the establishment of a social enterprise to promote well-being.

Phoenix Arts has a long term vision, to work towards the setting up of an ArtSpace that will promote well-being for people with mental health issues and people who have been affected by mental health issues.

The project is supported by tva, a cultural development agency which operates throughout the Tees Valley, working with educational and cultural organisations, local authorities, voluntary and community groups.

tva’s creative programme works with people, communities, schools and organisations to devise programmes that use arts activities to raise the aspirations, achievements, motivation and self-esteem of Tees Valley individuals and communities.

“Phoenix Arts has been directly responsible for the health improvement of a number of our clients.” TNEY Occupational Therapist

“Since attending Phoenix Arts I feel that my self-confidence has really improved. I look forward to the sessions, not just for the art work, but also for the opportunity to meet friends.” Phoenix Arts Member



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