Roaring Mouse

Drama, Script writing, Video, Theatre arts, DVD production, Performance

Roaring Mouse are an Independent Theatre Company who have been meeting regularly in Hartlepool since 2002. They work with specialist arts facilitators to conceive, write and perform drama productions that draw on their life experiences and raise awareness about living in an often disabling society with a learning disability.

Roaring Mouse have recently been developing ideas for the production of a series of interactive DVD’s that focus on issues such as housing, employment and relationships. These are intended for use by organisations who need to consult with people with learning disabilities in order to develop future services. Much of the material will have been written and developed with and by people with learning disabilities and will therefore be more accessible to them than current consultation material.

Roaring Mouse are available to perform their drama pieces and cabaret at a wide variety of functions, conferences or festivals. They are also keen to develop work with other groups of disabled people, leading workshops that demonstrate the potential of involvement in creative activities to promote personal and social development.

Roaring Mouse members are completely involved in the development and management of the group, and supported by a part time Project Co-ordinator who is financed by Hartlepool Social Services. A Steering Group is also in place to help the group develop towards its aim of becoming an independent arts provider with dedicated premises and its own management structures.

The project is supported by tees valley arts a cultural development agency which operates throughout the Tees Valley, working with educational and cultural organisations, local authorities, voluntary and community groups. tees valley arts’ creative programme works with people, communities, schools and organisations to devise programmes that use arts activities to raise the aspirations, achievements, motivation and self-esteem of Tees Valley individuals and communities.

Case Study

“We don’t need these bits of paper
We want courses just like you
We don’t need these special classes
Give us something real to do
Hey! Give us!
Something real to do!
After all we’re
Here to learn something new.”
Song from one of the Roaring Mouse drama productions



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