Crooky Crew Rap

On the right wing is silly old Sam
Who prances round like a little lamb,
Johnny Mansoor
Is going to score,
We've got two strikers called Chris
And they never, ever miss,
We've got two defenders called Andy
And they're very, very handy,
In goal is Tom,
He goes like a bomb,
On the wing is Phil,
He's got a lot of skill,
In midfield we've got Brendan,
He really likes to bend' em,
John is very, very fast,
One minute he's there, the next he's past,
Our main striker is Dave,
He makes the keeper make a good save,
And Gareth Gilchrist,
Who has never ever missed.

Phil Unwin, Chris Callaghan, Sam Ellis, Thomas Hardy, Gareth Gilchrist, Andrew Gallimore, Brendan Coyne, Johnny Mansoor, John Ellkins, Dave Simpson, Chris Elsdon and Andrew Dodsworth