The Day We Played Brazil

One day me and my friends were playing on the playground when a bus broke down outside our school.
Me and Sam ran over to see what was happening.
‘Hey, isn’t that the Brazilian team bus ?’ asked Gaz.
‘Ha, ha, good one, even though it’s not April Fool’s Day,’ replied Sam.
‘No, look ! It is them !’
‘Wow, it is,’ Sam’s mouth dropped open.
There was someone doing kick-ups in the doorway of the bus. He was very good. It was Ronaldo ! There was Dunga, Cafu, Romario and Tafarel too.
‘I’m going to get his autograph,’ said Gaz, ‘Hey, please, can I have you autograph ?’
‘I wants a match,’ said Ronaldo, ‘ do you wants play ?’
‘Si, si,’ we replied.
Brazil knew they would win of course. They began passing the ball really well.
At half-time the score was 4-0 to Brazil. The second half started and David scored to make it 4-1. The Chris Callaghan ran up the wing. He passed the ball to Andrew. Andrew shot and it wet straight into the back of the net. 4-2. One of the Brazilians got the ball of Brendan and kicked the ball at Gaz, our keeper. 5-2 to Brazil. Chris took the ball down the wing. He shot. 5-3. Dave intercepted a Brazilian move. He passed to Andrew. Who shoots. Another goal. 5-4. Another goal from Cal made it 5-5. Then with only thirty seconds left, Andrew dribbled the ball into the Brazilian box, he shot and with only five seconds left scored. And so the Crooksbarn Primary School team beat the Brazilian national side, 6-5. Then Mr Duncan came out and told us we were not allowed to play football. He gave us all a year’s worth of homework. But we did get the Brazilian’s autographs.

Andrew Dodsworth, Sam Ellis, John Elkins, Brendan Coyne and Gareth Gilchrist