The Day We Deleted the Grown Ups By Mistake

It all began one Saturday afternoon. We were playing on the computer as usual. We didn’t realise how quiet the house was until we started feeling hungry. Mum was nowhere to be seen. There was no sign of Dad either. In fact, there were no grown-ups anywhere. All the grown-ups had simply disappeared…

…just then I heard something loud, like a thousand million drums. I saw a shadowy figure. It came closer and closer until it jumped on me. It was scratching, and making a gargling noise. It started licking me clean, even though I had only just had a bath. It was a baby monster! And I hated it!

We went outside and the monster threw up all over the flowers and me. I had to go inside to clean up.

Ten years later the monster turned on me. I had to kill him. So I got a gun. BLAM! He was dead. Some green goo came out of the monster. But what was it?
Joseph Arthur

… I went downstairs, then I went outside. There was absolutely no-one about. I went down town. There was no-one there either. We packed our bags and left home. On the journey we went through a forest. When we went under a large tree it collapsed and nearly hit us. It was really close. We carried on, through a field and then through a trap door. We fell all the way down to the bottom where sharp spikes and metal bars stuck out of the sides. We grabbed hold of then and climbed across and then on the side. We tried to walk across to where we could see a rope. I reached the rope first. I swung across and sent the rope back to my brother. He missed it and fell down and down. I knew he must be dead, so I set off again. I climbed up the big wall and out into the field. When I reached the far side of the forest I found a bottle of yellow stuff. I didn’t know what to do with it, so I shot it. When it hit the floor it blew up. There was smoke everywhere. But when the smoke cleared all the grown ups were back, and my brother was alive again. And we all lived happily ever after.
Mark Moore

… we thought we would have a brilliant time. We were going to have loads of food and anything we wanted. But when we started playing on the computer again we were sucked into the machine !!! There were Byte people trying to eat the little CD people. We ran to the Modem and found ourselves on the Internet. There were some letter people there. They were in the RLF (the Royal Letter Force). They had the latest weapon (a water pistol !) and squirted us till we laughed. The RLF also used their oldest weapon, a cob-web gun. But we squashed the spiders. ‘`*!!&&££#&“*”///`&’ they said. ‘Charge!!’ They charged with their slashes. The letters were like spaghetti because they got stuck on the slashes. Just at that moment, someone on the outside world pressed END…
Adam Tyreman