Electrocuted!/ Earth 3099


One day in computerland, two comcitizens were playing asterisk-ball when a slash came out of nowhere and knocked them into a lake where they were electrocuted ! No-one could save them because the lake was frozen over and covered in snow and sleet. When I read this story in the ComTimes I decided to stop playing asterisk-ball. But I wondered where the slash had come from. I was playing frisbee with a bracket. But suddenly it was caught on a slash…

Adam Tyreman

Earth 3099

The robots make us work all day. We don’t do anything except work all day and night. We can’t play. We can’t do anything. Just work. I have to build more robots. I wish they had never been invented. The other day I was hit by a robot. I felt really mad. I would have killed him. But he was made of metal. Then I thought of a plan. Me and my friends are going to fight the robots. If all the humans join us we can win. We must stop making new robots. The robots dare not kill us all. If there are no humans left no-one will make the robots. They would have to do their own work.

Mark Adams