One Night I Was Playing on My Computer

One night I was playing on my computer. I was playing my favourite game. I must have fallen asleep. When I woke up I realised something strange had happened. Something very strange. I was inside my computer. Inside my game. Just at that moment…

…My mobile phone rang. A voice said, ‘You must nick two taxis.’ I already had two police squads after me and the car I was in was about to blow up. I dived out of the car. Good job. It exploded.

Jamie Whitfield

… the race was about to start. I let the handbrake off in sixth gear and started with a tremendous skid. I overtook one car. Then another, then another until…

Geoffrey Lighthowler

…Gazza passed the ball to me. I shot but the keeper saved it. I realised I was playing for Boro against Man United ! Twenty minutes later, Gazza crossed the ball and I headed it into the net.

Mark Pickering

…all the cars had disappeared. My engine was about to blow up. The police were after me. I went full speed. I put my foot down and left them completely. I was really racing…

Anthony Bryan

…Scott Hall was chasing me. I turned round and started fighting him. Then I ran away again. Outside I found a sparkling red Ferrari. I jumped in and drove off. Unlucky for me, there was a bomb in the boot, and there were only five seconds left. Five, four, three, two, one – I jumped out. KABOOOM !! I made it. I ran into Hulk Hogan’s house.
‘Hey dude,’ he said.
‘Will you help me ?’ I asked.
‘Sure will,’ he replied.

Joe Arthur

… I realised I was in a tag team match. Me and Goldberg against Big Sexy and Lex Lugar. The bell rang. Goldberg was in first against Lex Lugar. He hit him hard and then he tagged me. I got on top of the rope and jumped a double flip and a half turn. I landed in Lex then Big Sexy ran in. Goldberg smacked him. He was down. Me and Goldberg got a double count. we won ! But when we were given the belt, Big Sexy ran in and punched me. I was down. When I woke up I was home.

Guy Craggs

…David Beckham passed the ball to me. I started to run with it down the wing. I passed it to Giggs. Giggs passed it back to me. David May said to me that I had to win the man of the match award to get back to my bedroom. I crossed the ball into the box. Beckham was there to head the ball into the back of the net. What a goal ! 1-0 to Manchester United. I slide-tackled Gazza. He fell over. It wasn’t a foul. I ran as fast as my little legs would go. I shot. What a goal ! I was Man of the Match ! Before I knew it, I was back in my bedroom.

Mark Moore

… I realised I was wearing a Man U strip ! I was running down the pitch. David Beckham passed to me. I ran into the box and hit it into the top corner. It went in ! Everybody came running over to me. Kick off. I was running with the player who had the ball. I caught him. I tackled him. It went to Nicky Butt. He was running down the pitch. I was running with him. He crossed it into the box. I headed it into the back off the net. The crowd were going wild ! They were jumping up and down. Kick off. They hit the bar straight away. Then Schmeichel saved it. It went out for a corner. They headed over the bar. Schmeichel booted it down the pitch. Giggs ran after it. He shot. The keeper saved. It went out of play. Beckham crossed it into the box. I headed it. It hit the bar. Andy Cole hit it into the back of the net ! Goal ! I was running with him. Kick off again. Nicky Butt got the ball. He ran down the wing and crossed it to Beckham. He headed it, but the keeper saved it. He threw the ball out and they took it up the pitch and scored. 3-1. Andy Cole and I kicked off. I struck it from a long way out. The keeper saved it but he could not hold it. I ran in and kicked it into the back of the net. 4-1. They kicked off. We got the ball off them and soon had it in their box. I was tripped up. Penalty ! I put the ball on the spot. I walked back from the spot and ran at it very fast. I booted it in off the post. 5-1. They kicked off and scored again. Top left corner. Schmeichel was angry. I needed to score one more goal to go back to my family. Andy Cole passed the ball to me. I ran down the pitch. And I scored !!! I was back home.

Jamie Baker