The Norton Team Rap

We’ve got Alan who is sharp as a talon,
We’ve got Studdy who’s looking very muddy,
We’ve got Spud who’s covered in blood,
We’ve got Dan who is our man,
We’ve got Paul who’s good on the ball,
We’ve got Chris who’ll never ever miss,
We’ve got Will who’s full of skill
We’ve got two boys called Liam, and you should see ’em
We’ve got Simo who runs like a limo,
We’ve got Adam who’s tough as Saddam
So don’t mess with the lads from Norton School,
Cos Norton Comp is really cool.

Allan Graham, Stuart Mooney, Dan Thompson, Liam Meadows, Martin Dawson, Paul Kightly, Liam Murray, Chris Chapman, Simon Wharton, Adam Peacock