Food Poems

What Do Smelly Socks Taste Like?

Soft and chewy, crunchy and smelly,
Sweaty and hot,
Soggy and foul,
Cheesy and dry,
Stinky and rotten,
Like sprouts and tomatoes,
Like rotten eggs,
Like sour milk,
Like stale bread,
Like rotten fish,
Like a mouthful of hair
That is stuck in your throat
Like smelly frogs,
Like dog-poo.
They make your breath smell
They make your tummy rumble,
They make you want the toilet.
Sick, sick, sick!

What Do Teachers Taste Like?

Horrible and nasty,
Like onions and rotten eggs,
Brainy, but hard to swallow.
Just imagine!

Sarah Watson, Kirsty Unsworth, Daliah Lacey, Nicola Corkin, Kerry Casey, Kirsty Moor, Leigh Degnan, Jessica Dixon, Craig Thomas, Gary Watson, Shaun Harvey, Richard Hammond, Kevin Smithson, Stephen Adams, Christopher Atkinson, Christopher Smith, Steven Turnbull, Matthew Simon, Scott Close, Carl Hardy, Tom Devlin, Philip Pollard, Alan Thomas, Ashleigh Gollagher, Scott Revell, Martin Hutchinson, Luke Saysell, Christina Dobrean and Robert Godfrey

Yummy Pizza!

Cheese and Tomato Pizza
Is hot and hard, chunky and crispy,
Soft and chewy and warm,
It’s hot and dry and crunchy,
The base is soft and brown.
Pizza is soft and hot, spicy and cheesy,
Hot tomatoes, watery in your mouth
As you beg for another piece,
The bread is perfectly soft,
Crunchy when you get to the crust,
Greasy and chewy, squashy in the middle,
Nice and hard round the outside,
Sometimes crispy.
Pizza is crunchy and stringy,
Hot and spicy,
Cheesy and streaky,
Pizza is crispy and succulent
Pizza is hot and spicy and crunchy,
It tastes of paradise,
It reminds me of burning my mouth
It melts in your mouth,
Tasting of garlic,
It goes all mushy,
It lasts forever.
After you have finished you always want some more.
It reminds me of Pizza Hut in the town centre,
Of my Godmother’s chilli,
It makes me feel happy,
Like eating ice-cream,
It makes me feel like a cook in an Italian restaurant
Or eating in a posh restaurant with my family on my birthday.
The cheese reminds me of toothpaste on a toothbrush.
Pizza reminds me of my family,
Makes me feel like a stuffed pig.
It makes me feel like an American horse.
It reminds me off vampires,
It makes me feel mighty real.
Just thinking about pizzas gives me an appetite.

Carl Hardy, Craig Thomas, Christopher Atkinson, Jessica Dixon, Rohan Godfrey, Alan Thomas, Kirsty Moor, Stephen Adams and Kirsty Unsworth


They taste sweet,
They make my mouth water,
They are soft and tasty
And covered in sugar.
When I eat one
I wish I hadn’t.
They remind me of Safeways
Because that’s where we buy them.
Every time I go there
They make me want to eat them.

Kerry Casey

Steak Pie

Steak Pie pastry puffy and crumbly,
The gravy is thick and hot,
The meat is chewy,
It reminds me of walking through the town with my Mam.
It makes me feel hungry as a lion.

Scott Close

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are nice and greasy and hot
Smelly and crunchy,
So hot like a fire,
They remind me of McDonalds and chips
They make me feel good.

Ashley Gollagher

Sunday Dinners

Sunday Dinners are delicious,
Especially with pepper and mint sauce.
The mash is soft,
The gravy is delicious to drink at the end,
The meat is tender and best to start with.
It reminds me of holidays near the sea,
It gives me a Christmas feeling.

Gary Watson


Kebabs are spicy and chewy,
They smell lovely,
Full of delicious taste,
They make you thirsty,
They remind me of Saturday night
When we eat them.
They make me happy and sleepy,
When I see them I want to eat them all,
When you smell kebabs you will stop playing on your play-station
All you will want to do is eat them.

Christina Dobrean

Pancakes and Syrup

Pancakes and syrup,
Sweet and honey sauce
Not too hot,
Covered in treacle,
Squashy, chewy and soft,
They remind me of heaven,
Pancake heaven dreams.

Shaun Harvey

Yukky Sprouts!

Sprouts taste of rubbish.
Sprouts are disgusting
Bitter, crumbly, watery, sprouts.
They remind of dead people,
They make me sick,
They make me feel sad and grumpy.

Zoe Atherton, Nicola Corkin and Matthew Simon


Taste like soft stones
They make my tummy rumble,
They remind me of the graveyard,
Everyone crying,
They make me feel sick,
Like there’s something alive in my tummy.

Gary Watson


I hate them because they are gooey and fat,
Filled with green stuff,
They remind me of my Aunty
Who made me eat them.
They make me feel fat and horrible inside.

Kirsty Moor

Horrible Salad

It tastes gooey and soft and wet,
It reminds me of being small,
When my Mam made me eat it.
It makes me feel like a caterpillar.

Stephen Turnbull

School Dinner Menu at Cannibal Primary

Roast eyes
Blood and guts
Fish toes
Ladies fingers

Main Course
Boy steaks
Boiled legs
Girl’s heart
Cold ears

Ice cream stomach
Creamy eyes
Banana flavour arms

Cold Blood
Blood juice
Hot blood
Blood and milk
Blood and tea
Blood and coffee
Blood and water

Leigh Degnan