A Windy Day in Norton Primary

It all began one afternoon
One wild and windy day
The wind blew so hard that it blew
Our Primary School away!

The roof blew off, the fence fell down,
We couldn’t believe our eyes,
The infants started crying as
The School began to rise.

Mrs Cartwright jumped out of the window,
Cos she wasn’t getting paid,
She opened up her parachute,
And found that it was frayed.

We flew right over Stockton,
We saw the River Tees,
We saw all types of different things
The trees blow in the breeze.

The School flew on for miles and miles,
There was a lot to see,
We flew right over Teesside
And flew across the sea.

We landed in the future,
We thought the food was brill,
But when we ate some chocolate-creams
It made us all feel ill.

The future seemed dead hyper,
With space ships zooming by,
But by the date we knew that we
Were soon about to die.

And winter snow was all around,
And we were very cold.
We didn’t like the future much,
It made us feel too old.

Then suddenly the School bell rang,
And it was ten past three,
So we blew home to Norton
Back home in time for tea.

Sarah Watson, Kirsty Unsworth, Daliah Lacey, Nicola Corkin, Kerry Casey, Kirsty Moor, Leigh Degnan, Jessica Dixon, Craig Thomas, Gary Watson, Shaun Harvey, Richard Hammond, Kevin Smithson, Stephen Adams, Christopher Atkinson, Christopher Smith, Steven Turnbull, Matthew Simon, Scott Close, Carl Hardy, Tom Devlin, Philip Pollard, Alan Thomas, Ashleigh Gollagher, Scott Revell, Martin Hutchinson, Luke Saysell, Christina Dobrean and Robert Godfrey