Mixed up TV Shows and Films

The Terminator Stars in Grease

One sunny day Arnie was sitting on his backside doing nothing. Along came a girl called Sandy. Arnie took Sandy to the fair. Just then Danny turned up. He was mad. He was furious.
‘That’s my girl !’ he shouted. ‘Take your hands off her, you hairy beast. You will have to fight me if you want to go out with Sandy !’
He took off his shades and gave them to Sandy. Then he thumped Arnie.
Arnie got up. As he walked off he said, ‘I’ll be back.’

Matthew Lucas

South Park Meets the Teletubbies

Kenny: Where am I? This is a strange place.
Cartman: We are in Teletubbie land, aren’t we?
Tinky Winky: Big Hug!
Dipsy: Time for Tubby Toast
Cartman: Shoot the Teletubbies!
Kenny: Run, they’ve got guns

Anthony Bowring and Jason Vickers

The Mystery of Matilda and the Titanic

Miss Honey and I decided to go on holiday together. Ever since Miss Trunchball disappeared we had been living in Miss Honey’s cottage. We bought two tickets for a cruise across the Atlantic. We were very excited. The day we sailed all the crowds were cheering. It was the first time the ship had sailed. It was called the Titanic. I met a boy called Jack on the ship. He was really nice. He was a brilliant drawer. I asked him if he would draw me and Miss Honey together. He said, ‘Sure I will.’ Four days later we saw an iceberg. The iceberg had eyes and a nose just like Miss Trunchball. We were only seconds away from death so I flew round the iceberg and melted it into slush…

Stacey Smith

Men in Black Land on the Titanic

It was a typical day. We had already killed three aliens and captured seven more trying to land on earth illegally. We were about to stop for a coffee when we were told to board this ship. We didn’t even know what we were looking for. But there was something strange going on. All the passengers were dressed in old-fashioned clothes. The captain asked to see our tickets. We didn’t have any, so Will shot him. It turned out he was an alien. Then we hit an iceberg. The ship was sinking. I ran round the ships looking for aliens while Will melted the iceberg. It was another alien in disguise !

Anthony Bowering