A Mixed-up TV/A Grumpy TV/I am a TV

A Mixed-up TV

Sabrina: Wow, what a weird place! Where am I?
Billy: Hey, this is my lucky day. Who is this?
Lance: I think it’s a girl. You know, like a boy, but different.
Billy: You’re telling me she’s different!
Sabrina: Excuse me boys, where am I?
Billy: This is Ramsay Street, Australia,
Sabrina: How did I get here? I was just sitting in my bedroom. Suddenly I found myself here. Everything just vanished.
Lance: What’s your name?
Sabrina: My name’s Sabrina. What’s your name?
Lance: My name is Lance. Pleased to meet you. Where have you come from?
Sabrina: New York.
Billy: Would you like a date?
Lance: I don’t think so Billy. Have you forgotten about Anne?
Billy: I’m not bothered about Anne any more. This girl is really beautiful.
Lance: Don’t listen to him. He’s already got a girlfriend. I don’t. Why don’t you go out with me?
Sabrina: Look, why don’t you two stop arguing. I’ve got a boyfriend actually. He’s called Harvey.
Lance: You could have told us before.
Billy: Girls!

Tyne Wilkinson

A Grumpy TV

I'm sick of it.
The people who watch me never shut up talking.
They leave me on when they leave the room.
They are always losing the remote.
They are always switching channels.
And they use me to play computer games.
They never put my video on.
All they ever watch is cartoons.
From now on I'm watching programmes I like.
Programmes about fishing and motor-bikes.
When everyone is in bed I watch
My favourite programmes
Until they wake up.
When they play boring programmes.
I am going to rub them off.

Jason Vickers

I am a TV

I am a TV.
My name is Sooty.
My best friend is called Ginger.
She is a tape-recorder.
Sometimes she gets on my wick.
My owners sometimes play music on her
Instead of watching me !
They watch Neighbours and cartoons.
All the time.
Especially the girls with the pretty blonde hair.
My favourite programmes are Sabrina the Teenage Witch
And scary films.
I have a video-machine called Charlie.
He likes watching action videos
And programmes about gardens.
When all the people are asleep
Ginger and Charlie and me
Argue all the time.

Tyne Wilkinson