I was walking down the street
With a pair of smelly feet,
Then I saw a bus
So I gave the bus a push,
But the bus was rough
And the bus was tough
So I pushed the bus
Underneath a bush.

Mark Taylor


I saw a buzzy bee
Happy as can be
Buzzing up and down
Like a circus clown
Nicking honey
In a baby's gown.
Then I saw a grub
Who needed a scrub
Walking down the street
With his smelly, smelly feet.

Mark Bowes


One night I was watching TV. There was nothing much to watch and I was playing with the remote-control, changing channels. My stupid brother was playing with his toy plane in front of the screen. He was irritating me, so I pointed the remote at him, just for a joke. ‘Shut up !’ I shouted as I pressed the mute button. It was incredible. He shut up ! I tried pressing the fast forward and he ran forwards out of the room very fast. It was amazing.

I went out of the room to see what I could so next with my magic remote control. I walked into town, looking for my brother. I was going to make him do whatever I wanted him to do. I thought about making everyone stop of freeze. I pressed number one on the remote and everyone stopped still except for me. I went into the pasty shop because I was hungry. I went behind the counter and picked a pasty up and walked out of the shop. Guess who I saw ? Yes it was my brother. I picked him up and he was as light as a feather. I arrived home and sat him on the chair. Then I pressed number one again and everything was back to normal. Even though I hated my brother, I had missed him. But it was quiet while he was gone…

Stacey Smith