One Night/I am Telly/My Mum

One Night

One night I was watching Children's Ward. I must have fallen asleep. When I woke up something strange had happened. I was in the film ! I looked around me. There were lots of people injured and someone from the ward came over to me.
'Come on, we've been looking everywhere for you. There are lots of people hurt.'
Just at that moment I looked down and saw my badge…

Natalie McNichol

I am a Telly

Every day a girl comes in with pitch black hair, luminous clothes and a beautiful face.
All she ever does is sit there and stare at me, with her mouth wide open. She is so
boring ! Even if the news is on she just sits there. She is too lazy even to change channels.
At last, she has gone, with a big slam of the door. It's nice and quiet.
No it's not. It's really boring here all on my own.
I wish she would come back.

Stacey Smith

I am a Telly

I am a telly
You can turn me on
You can turn me off.
I am a telly
Look at the clock.
It's twelve o'clock.
So now it's time
To switch me off.

Stacey Smith

My Mum

My Mum is short and plump,
I wish she'd give up slimming
So does my Dad.
But you can't beat her cooking.

Mark Taylor