TV Valentine/TV Love/TV Argument

TV Valentine

Time is fast,
Time is slow,
When I'm with you
My tubes almost glow.

The last time I saw you
I liked your plug,
And when I see you again
I'll give you a hug.

I love your legs,
Your remote control,
And I already know
You've got a great soul.

I see you every day
But when you're gone
I'll never forget the way
You turned me on !

Sammy-Jo Saunders

TV Love

Buttons are black,
Aerials are grey,
This poem's for you
On this special day.

My speakers are black,
Your speakers are blue,
And wherever I am
I think of you.

Your stand is big,
Your stand is tall,
Your buttons are big
But mine are small.

Your screen is thin
My screen is wide,
When I watch you
I'm full of pride.

If your colours are dull
Remember when
We were together
And be bright again.

Natalie McNichol and Tyne Wilkinson

TV Love

I was just sitting down resting, enjoying some peace and quiet, when the door opened and in came my owner. Oh, I nearly forgot, my name is Tommy TV. My owner turns me on every time I see her. She is just so beautiful. Her long golden hair droops over my screen. Oh she is beautiful. I love it when she says, ‘I hate this programme. It stinks !’ I think she likes me. She sometimes smiles at me. But why does she watch all these comedies ? She should be watching romantic films. Maybe one day she will notice me. One day…

Sammy-Jo Saunders

TV Argument

'I have better pictures than you.'
'No you haven't.'
'I have cable, ner, ner, ner !'
'Well. I have an aerial.'
'So, I have a wider screen.'
'Well I'm bigger than you.'
'I'll turn you over, big screen.'
'I have louder volume.'
'If you don't shut up I'll turn you off.'
'I've more grown up programmes than you. You only watch baby programmes.'

Jason Vickers