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Attack of the Antrons

Middlesbrough Careers Club

A further Seen & Heard project with Middlesbrough Careers Club follows a series of workshops with Anthony Sowerby, who worked with the trainees and support staff to write, devise and create a short science fiction based art film, using live drama, costumes, set design, model making and stop motion animation.

The Attack of The Antrons, while tongue in cheek, very funny and imaginative, also tackles issues of worth and worthlessness, and allowed the young people to discuss and articulate feelings around becoming a ‘useful member of society’, identity, and to explore themes and images of social assimilation/ social exclusion.

‘The aim of the project was to provide opportunities for young people to be involved with computers, T. V., video and robotics on a creative level. The young people involved come from what is often described as disadvantaged backgrounds where drugs and crime can often seem to be the only way out. A possible cause of this mind set is that drugs and crime are often linked to money. To combat this the project aimed to educate the participants about the monitory value of both technology and creativity.’
Anthony Sowerby — Artist

The Attack of the Antrons was broadcast on the World Wide Web as part of Stockton International Riverside’s ‘Radio Riverside’ in August 2003 via CIRA.

The effect of this project on the young people involved is difficult to measure, however, a substantial percentage moved into further education.

Over the course of the project, some 30 plus young people had been involved in film work, acting, building robots, script writing and model making.