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A project developed in partnership with SECOS and MESMAC, which targeted young men at risk of exploitation through gay scene venues and public sex environments.

Jack Drum Arts led the series of workshops aiming to raise awareness and general discussion amongst young people as to:

  • How they might be exploited on the gay scene and within public
    sex environments.
  • How they may better protect themselves
  • How to encourage a greater sense of responsibility among public
    sex environment adult users, and protect young people exploring
    their sexuality within these environments.

Using digital photography, graphic design and cartoon style artwork the group devised a set of posters and associated credit card sized information cards for young people, highlighting potential risks of exploitation and methods of self-protection.

The project allowed the group of 6 young men to vocalise their feelings and share experiences, and creatively produce a product that could be used as part of ongoing outreach work.

Helen, of Jack Drum Arts, has a wealth of expertise and connections which has opened doors to a whole new world of funding and creative approaches to working with young people at risk. We are now looking at other projects we can develop along similar lines. One thing it has shown is how important it is to have a professionally produced end-result that looks stylish and values the work the young people have done while creating it.

Mel Foley — SECOS Day Worker