Projects » Skinningrove Flood Defence Project

The project aimed to create designs (informed by the community) to influence flood defences fabricated and installed by the Environment Agency. Designs were developed through working with the appointed Environment Agency engineering design team to create an effective and attractive flood defence. The project was also designed to promote a strong relationship between the Environment Agency and the local community.

This project’s primary focus was “creative consultation”. A programme of visual arts activities featured mosaic, willow sculptures and driftwood art with young people and children from the village. Arts activiities took place at play schemes and youth clubs at a venue which serves as a community hub. Celebratory events such as the “Fish Supper” showcased artwork created whilst engaging the wider community through key community members and family groups.

I think the project has been very successful and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working in Skinningrove to the point of continuing to work voluntarily in the youth groups. I have collected a good amount of material to help me design the flood defences and I feel the community are more aware of the work that the Environment Agency will be doing in the Village .

– Derek Mosey: Community Artist


Derek Mosey


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